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Houston alarm monitoring operator

Fast Reliable Alarm Monitoring in Houston

by #1 Security Services

#1 Security Services provides UL listed alarm monitoring to all of our clients in the Greater Houston area.

Our monitoring station is rated as a 5 Diamond central station (the highest rating in the industry).  Our operators are properly trained and staffed.  This ensures a professional and quick response to your alarm signal.

Monitoring for Homes and Businesses

We provide both burglar and fire alarm monitoring for homes and businesses.  Many companies are not properly equipped to offer fire alarm monitoring, but here at #1 Security Services, it is one of our specialties.

How We Respond to Your Alarm Notification

If we receive a standard burglary signal, we will call the premises or your cell phone first to see if you accidentally set it off.  The operator will ask you for your password, and if you provide it, no further action will take place.  If not, the police will be dispatched.

On a commercial fire signal, we will call the fire department as soon as we receive the signal.  Once the fire department has been dispatched, we will attempt to notify someone on the call list to let them know of the situation.  In the City of Houston however, we will not be able to cancel the alarm if it is a false alarm.  This is the policy of the City of Houston.

On a panic or duress (hold-up) signal, we will dispatch the police right away.  No call will be made to the premises because we do not want to elevate the situation with the perpatrator.

Low Cost Alarm Monitoring

We provide competitive monitoring rates for both home alarm systems, and business burglar and fire alarms.  Give us a call today and experience the difference we can offer over those big box companies where you are just another number.