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CCTV Security Cameras Houston

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras are catching up in Houston. Though they have been there for decades already, today they’ve become more of a necessity. From business security to home protection, you see CCTV cameras everywhere. The technological advancement has led to the dramatic increase in demand for CCTV Security Cameras Houston. There are plenty of reasons for the rising demand. Most people consider installation of CCTV cameras as a solution to the problems and the security threats they face. Let’s discuss of the reasons below:

  • Cameras discourage criminals such as burglars, thieves to break-in into a house. They’re likely to have an impression of getting caught. Hence, forbid from their criminal acts.
  • CCTV cameras installed at the offices allow the bosses to check what the employees are up to. Though the purpose is not to track the moment of the employees every second, it simply helps the organization to understand the behavior of the workers from time and time.
  • CCTV Houston placed at parking lots help keep a watch on all the cars moving to and fro. And it also helps in managing the traffic well.
  • When installed at sensitive areas in factories, immediate action can be taken in case of emergencies. Thus, it reduces the damage and loss to the companies.
  • Can also be of help to investigation agencies and police department to identify the perpetrators of the crime.

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Video Surveillance by #1 Security Systems

#1 Security Systems provides CCTV camera systems for both businesses and homes. Our professionally installed cameras can be customized to meet your needs.

CCTV Camera Systems for Business Locations

A CCTV camera system can be a deterrent for more than just thieves from the outside. It can also be an invaluable aid in the detection and prosecution of employee theft, which is a growing problem in our society.

It is important that care is taken in the design of your surveillance. What are you trying to record? Is it the driveway? Perhaps you have an expensive piece of machinery that you don’t want to have stolen. Or maybe you are trying to record events on the premises to avoid frivilous lawsuits. Whatever your primary reason for getting the system, it is important that you let us know so that we can design it to meet your needs.

Events Can be Recorded Via DVR or in the Cloud

Alarm events can be recorded via a DVR (digital video recorder), or via the Cloud. The DVR will write over itself after a certain amount of time depending upon the memory size purchased with the unit. More recording space is available via the Cloud, but there are additional costs involved.


cctv camera system in a department store
home security camera system monitoring the driveway

CCTV Surveillance Systems for Homes

Many homeowners are opting to install a camera system in their home as an additional layer of protection to their standard home security system. These systems are great for prosecution purposes should you actually suffer a loss.

Low lux cameras can record images in low light or no light conditions. Long range cameras are available as well that can read license plates. But be aware that the further out that you try to record an object, the narrower the cameras capabilities of detection. In effect, the detection cone is narrowed.

Specialty cameras such as low lux, license plate, and covert cameras will cost more than a standard camera but are often worth the additional investment.

Give #1 Security Services a call if you are considering the addition of a CCTV surveillance system for your home or business, and we would be happy to give you a free quote.

#1 Security Services Will Help You Choose the Right Surveillance System

CCTV security cameras are of great use. From homeowners, to organizations, and government agencies, and police department, they give additional security to everyone, once installed. But to avail the complete benefits, you’ll have to choose a right type of surveillance camera that fits your requirement well. Some of the types that you can go through before choosing one for your home or company are:

Dome Security Cameras – Most common of all, these are installed in almost all the supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants, and many other places. They are fixed to the ceiling and are capable to cover various areas of a business. It restricts the shoplifters from stealing. Though one can see these cameras working, it’s quite hard to identify where exactly it is pointed.

Outdoor Cameras – Outdoor cameras are made from stronger material and encased by a shell so that it doesn’t become prey to vandalism and is also weather resistant at the same time. Since they’re installed outdoors, they should be able to bear extreme heat and cold, rain and snow and should record high-definition video day-in and day-out.

Low-Light Cameras – These are most effective at the night when there’s no sunlight. In most cases, cameras go blind at night and fail to record the video in absence of light. Therefore, low-light cameras are a good option to go with. You can find low-light dome cameras and low-light outdoor cameras as well. We, at #1 Security Services provide customized CCTV security cameras Houston that suit your requirement. Do contact us via an email through the contact page or pick your phone and call us right away. We’d be glad to answer your query and provide you what you are looking for.

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