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commercial installation of fire alarm Houston

#1 Security Services installs, monitors, and maintains commercial fire alarms in Houston and surrounding areas.  Unlike residential fire alarm systems, the local fire marshal must inspect and pass a commercial fire alarm installation.

Our technicians are properly trained and supervised so that the installation is completed to code.  We install fire alarm panels, pull stations, entry/exit lighting, horn sirens,  and of course smoke and heat detectors.

We also provide routine fire alarm and sprinkler inspections that may be required periodically.

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Professional Installation of Your Houston Fire Alarm System

#1 Security Services professionally installs commercial fire systems that meet local and national codes.

We only install UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed fire sensors. This ensures that your system will detect fire when necessary and also be code compliant.

Our installation techs our properly trained in the the placement of smoke detectors and other required devices such as strobe lights, pull stations, and sirens. Simply put, we do the job right the first time. This saves both time and money because if the local fire marshal doesn’t approve the fire system installation, it has to be corrected before you can finish your build-out.

In addition, #1 Security Services carries the proper insurance coverage for a commercial fire system. Fire systems installed in a business are totally different from those installed in a residence.

Annual Fire Alarm Inspections and Service

After you have your system installed, we can also do the required periodic inspections and testing that may be required.


UL Listed Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring station is UL listed for commercial fire alarm monitoring. It is important that your monitoring station knows how to properly handle a commercial fire signal.

Upon receipt of the fire signal from the panel, the local fire department is called immediately. When a fire is burning in a business, it can do hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage depending on the contents in mere minutes.

After the fire department is dispatched, then the operator will endeavor to contact someone on the call list to let them know the situation.