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There are many aspects of home security that you need to know. Sure, the burglary-preventing home security systems for Houston homes like CCTV cameras and alarm monitoring devices may be popular, but there are threats to your family that can emerge just within your house—like a fire, for example. For such threats, effective equipment like smoke detectors will come in handy.

Smoke Detector Types
Smoke detectors come in many shapes and sizes. Ionization alarms, for one, use radioactive particles to generate an electrical field within the unit, which, when disrupted by smoke particles, will trigger the alarm. Air-sampling detectors, on the other hand, use a series of pipes to check for the presence of smoke in the air.

Smoke detectors, which can be installed by companies like #1 Security Services, also differ when it comes to power sources. Some still use 9V AA or AAA batteries that tend to need constant replacement. Others are equipped with more powerful lithium batteries that are meant to last as long as the entire unit itself.

Positioning Your Detectors

If you can, you should install a smoke alarm in every room in your house, even the basement and the attic, as there’s no telling where a fire can potentially start. You can also install a system of smoke detectors that are interconnected if you have a particularly large home. Other important areas to equip with detectors include every hallway leading to a bedroom, and at either end of a staircase.

Choose Low-Maintenance

Ask your home security company for the most efficient yet low-maintenance smoke detectors it has in its inventory. Going for low-maintenance means that you don’t have to check on it often, which actually translates to “won’t fail just because you forgot to clean it the week before a fire started.” Your detectors should also be easy to clean.

Home security systems in Houston should do more than just protect you and your family from external dangers. They should incorporate features that will make you safe even from threats arising from the typical things you use indoors. Don’t be fooled by traditional beliefs, either; just because your kitchen is the most likely fire hazard in the house doesn’t mean it should be the only one installed with a reliable smoke detector.