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Houston home security
Houston home security is often a concern for many homeowners and in many cases, security windows and double locks at the doors do not provide sufficient peace of mind. Furthermore, professionally installed home security systems offer variety of security services that allow homeowners to feel safer and protected at their place of residence.

Lucky enough, a good burglar alarm system has been known to deter any form of crime and home destruction by reporting to the proper authorities such incidences during the act. The following are the benefits of home security systems to every homeowner.

Houston Home Security Systems Monitor for Smoke and Fire
It is worth noting that there are home disasters that are often unnoticed and may be very destructive in the end. Modern day home security systems are capable of detecting fire and smoke in each room provided they are included in the system design.

There are some cases where poisonous gases such as CO2 are emitted in the house. If these gases are inhaled, they may cause lung problems. It is, therefore, very important to detect them at an early stage. Security systems can monitor and detect them and eventually sound a warning for an immediate correction. Home security is indeed the best device to control and detect poisonous gases.

A home alarm system reports events to the monitoring station so that they can quickly report the incident to the homeowner and the local authorities if appropriate.

Monitor Environmental Conditions Via Your Home Alarm
Alarm systems nowadays are very different from the basic alarms many of us grew up with. Today there are environmental type sensors available such as water sensors to detect flooding such as when a pipe breaks. You can also add in sensors that detect temperature changes such as a freezing condition so that you can take the necessary precautions to alleviate damage.

Home alarm systems can also now integrate with your air conditioner and lights so that they can be controlled remotely. This can help save on energy costs as well as give the impression that someone is home when they are not by turning on and off lights intermittently.

Cheaper Insurance Costs
Most insurance companies offer a discount if you have a monitored home security system. In most cases the discount is 10% of your policy premium. Some carriers offer additional discounts should you decide to add in monitored fire protection. Be sure to check with your agent for all available discounts. A few carriers offer up to 20% off if you add certain types of locks in addition to the burglar and fire alarm system.