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Security has become a matter of importance for Americans. As a nation that became a major player in world affairs, the United States has gone through major threats to security, from tangible acts of terrorism to digital attacks that have shook even the Pentagon. This reality has moved the nation to tighten security on all fronts even more.

The threat to home security, plus the fact that large cities like Houston, for example, suffer numerous crimes, are what make home security systems in Houston viable.

A large city like Houston will always attract people with hopes of progress and success. When the financial security promised by the city becomes unattainable, some people, who have very limited options of survival in the city, will revert to crime in order to survive. According to the city’s police department, there have been 815 cases of robbery and 825 cases of burglary in the month of September alone.

The installation of CCTV systems can help reduce the crime rate in the Texan city. The ability of CCTV camera and DVR systems to record anything that happens in an area is a big help to investigators when they are looking into a crime that occurred during odd hours and had no witnesses. An example of the effectiveness of CCTV in police investigations was the speedy gathering of visual material and evidence for the Boston bombings earlier this year, which led to the apprehension of the Tsarnaev brothers.

The presence of CCTV cameras also encourages the proactive participation of the community in security and crime fighting. A recent study done by the VU University of Amsterdam shows that the presence of an effective CCTV system can help reduce the bystander effect and move people into helping a person in need. The knowledge that someone is watching motivates people more into preventing a crime from happening.

how-home-security-systems-in-houston-can-prevent-crimes-or-helpThese things will only work, however, if CCTV cameras are positioned effectively in homes and streets. The Urban Institute in Washington D.C. did a study on two of Chicago’s neighborhoods which had CCTV systems installed. The study shows that crime did not fluctuate in the neighborhood where CCTV was deemed ineffective or poorly maintained.

This confirms that home security systems in Houston, if efficient, can be effective in fighting crimes. Residents interested to have security systems installed in their homes and neighborhoods can contact reliable professionals like #1 Security Services.