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Many statistics would concur that home burglaries in the country occur as frequently as one every ten seconds. A grim finding, indeed, but this fact opens up an opportunity for people to truly appreciate the value of dependable home security in Houston. If you want to know if your home is primed and ready to have an electronic security system installed, here are some points to consider:

Entryways to Protect

Go around your home and survey the orientation and setup of every door and window (especially on the first floor). Choose the ones you think will need the most protection (these should be the ones easiest to tamper or break into), and take note of the number of doors and windows that you want to integrate into your security system.

Control and Key

Two of the most important aspects of a security system are the control panel and the keypad, so make sure that you have it installed in appropriate areas around your house. You should place a keypad close to the front door and your bedroom to make it easy to activate the system when you head out or go to sleep.

Connection Distance

Check the distance between the windows and doors you want wired and the control panel, to know the prospective length of wire you need to set up a connection. Try to visualize how you will lay out the wires in a clean, uncluttered manner. In case you plan a wireless system, distance also plays a role in how strong or efficient the signals will be transmitted.

Lifestyle Considerations

surveying-your-home-for-houston-home-security-system-installation-2Your family and the way you live, in general, will also determine how efficiently security systems like those from #1 Security Services will work for you. If you have little kids, for instance, or if you keep your pets indoors, you might want to steer clear of motion detector systems. At the very least, program your system not to trip every time Spot or little Tim decides to go walking around the house.

Efficient Houston home security systems can be an excellent investment if you know how to search for the one most appropriate for your home and lifestyle. Don’t be a statistic. Be one of the smartest homes in your community by getting help from modern technology in defending your property and family from burglars.